Why Some People Won’t Wear a Face Mask or Go Along with the Panic


Although the Wuhan virus may be scary, what is also scary is how many people are sheep who do not question authority, much less stand up to it

In America, we have been inundated with nasty comments and accusations about people refusing to wear masks in regards to this epidemic, and it has come from the media, the Democratic politicians (they’re both the same thing), and elsewhere. But, as usually happens with these professional condemners, they never bother to ask the target of their hate anything, never engage in conversation. Instead, they much prefer to continue to hate, enjoying expressing their hate while feeling very righteous in their hating.

            There are several reasons why some people will not wear a mask and yes, the virus can be deadly to some people.

            First, men and women are grownups and can make their own decisions. They have decided to take their chances. My body, my choice, they say. They’ll take their chances. This attitude is similar to a veteran who said e that while in the service, there were bullets flying all around him and this situation is similar. Interesting.

            Second, many have trouble understanding what people are saying with masks on, their words are garbled, and when they use a mask their glasses fog up until they can’t see. In summertime, the masks are hot and itchy, and muffle voices.

            Third, over the years Hollywood has fed us a steady diet of societal apocalypse movies because of a new fictional pandemic (with and without zombies) so we have all been primed for panic: Outbreak, Contagion, 12 Monkeys, The Omega Man, The Stand, I Am Legend, Warm Hearts, 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead, Ravenous, World War Z. These movies were very much in demand on Netflix during the April-May lockdown.

            Fourth, every year tens of thousands of people die from one reason or another. Society does not shut down and collapse because of the seasonal flu. Civilization does not shut down and collapse because of all the people who die from car accidents or cancer.

            Fifth, most people who die from the coronavirus have been old people with other serious health issues, often in nursing homes. We saw that in Milan and in New York City.

            Sixth, there is an unquestionable, very obvious, out of control authoritarian aspect to this. Everyone must obey. Everyone must conform. Do not question. Believe everything the authorities and journalists tell you. It’s for your own good. Hand in hand is the out of control condemnation towards individuals (and states like Florida) who won’t submit, won’t obey, who have doubts. Not just from the authorities, but from individuals who have fervently embraced the authorities. One individual even shot and killed a person for not wearing a mask, while another one pepper sprayed a person and his dog in a dog park, a woman threw hot coffee at unmasked men, and another man shot at a mother and son. Actor Jason Isaacs suggested that people who don’t wear masks should be hung on the streets. And there are other incidents.

            It is the very same reaction towards those who go against Political Correctness.

            But the authorities reveal that they are irrational, if not downright stupid. For example, in New Jersey, a gym owner gets arrested for opening up – but a Dollar General, next door, is allowed to open?

            And some authorities have established a telephone call-in to the authorities to report people breaking house arrest or not wearing masks.

            Seventh, the authorities – and that includes the CDC and that fool Fauci -have lost all credibility (Fauci has not directly treated a single Covid patient; he is far from the frontlines). They have consciously inflated the number of deaths. Fauci has said that masks are useless, are vital, are useless, are vital. Some have even suggested that we should wear masks while inside our homes (while sleeping? Showering? Having sex?). They have said that the sunlight and UV kill the virus, yet are insisting that we stay inside. They have said that children are immune, yet have cancelled schools and shut down playgrounds. They have said that the virus dies in water, especially water treated with chlorine, yet have closed water parks and pools. They have told people to wear masks, yet they themselves have been caught not wearing masks whenever the cameras are not rolling, including the “journalists” themselves (and the fact that other countries, such as Holland, have declared masks to be useless is ignored). They have mandated a lockdown for all citizens, yet they and their families go out to buy from stores that they order open, or go for a pleasure trip, or, their own businesses stay open, including gyms. They have declared some “essential businesses” to remain open, but have shut down others, based entirely on a subjective (or bribed) basis. Democrat mayors and governors have urged and applauded BLM protests and riots, but condemn people who congregate in groups in beaches and clubs, and go ballistic because of Trump rallies, Proud Boys demonstrations, or Fourth of July celebrations. Leftist teachers’ unions refuse to go back to work because of fear of contracting the Wuhan virus but urge their members to take part in leftist demonstrations. These same leftist politicians have closed down Christian churches and synagogues, but have let Muslim mosques be open. And just to show how insane the Democrats have become, the stupid mayor of San Francisco, with the stupid name of London Breed, blamed “dictator” Donald Trump for Nancy Pelosi’s own actions, when the latter demanded and got special treatment that the rest of us peasants cannot get. Absurd.

            Let me repeat that because it really bears repeating. The virus doesn’t spread when you are in groups parroting leftist slogans. Or when throwing Molotov cocktails. Or marching en masse like cattle to demonstrations. Or burning down buildings in a mob. Or swarming into stores like Target in order to steal everything in sight while feeling entitled. Or getting together to bring down statues of great men. No! Those activities are not dangerous. Ah, but laughing in groups with friends spreads the virus. Tanning at the beach? It spreads the virus. Oh, yes, that spreads the virus. Swimming in rivers and swimming pools, why yes, that spreads the virus too. Singing in church in particular spreads the virus. Clapping in Trump rallies spreads the virus. Oh, no, we can’t have any of that.

            These same authority figures, curiously all of them leftists, whether it is the premier of Ontario, or the governor of Michigan, become furious whenever their authoritarian dictates are challenged, insulting people who are sick of the lockdown as racists, and white supremacists, and wearing swastikas, when in fact they are common, ordinary people, fed up with the overlords’ authoritarian, irrational, measures (e.g., protesting is fine, but registering people to vote is not allowed). This is not unusual. Anytime that leftists/Democrats encounter someone who disagrees with them on anything, they are automatically labeled racists, white supremacists, Nazis, etc. Yet, they personally ignore their own mask and lockdown orders.

            Notice that these authorities – or, as someone accurately described them: self-righteous dictator wannabes – who demand that businesses close down, and stay closed, even though people need and want to work and get a salary and eat, are all getting a steady paycheck. These people are the politicians, the medical experts, and the journalists. Some of them are insisting that lockdowns should continue until a vaccine is made – sometime next year. Teachers are complaining that they don’t want to return to work (though they do want to keep collecting their salary) because the children might get the virus – even though children are immune to the virus.

Compare this with people who are checking between sofa cushions for dropped money so they can buy food to eat.

            And although the Wuhan virus may be scary, what is also scary is how many people are sheep who do not question authority, much less stand up to it.

            As one pundit put it, “The American politicians who’ve visited hell on this nation with the mass lockdowns, forced cessation of commerce, and eradication of livelihoods expect to get away with it. They envision a future for themselves in which they’re hailed as saviors, not condemned as monsters.”

            But… Our overlords are imbeciles.

            Eighth. And this brings us to the individuals that call themselves “journalists.” They have lied and lied to us and, just as importantly, have suppressed news and facts that contradicts the media hivemind. They have deliberately created a panic. They keep terrorizing us about the increasing number of cases, giving the impression that those cases equal the number of deaths even though most of the “cases” are asymptomatic, while also avoiding the question of false positives. Journalists have a number of tried and true tricks at their disposal to bend us to their way of thinking: insinuation, exclusive nightly news coverage of the virus, focus for days and even weeks on cases that are atypical (a young adult, or a child dying), interview a number of people but broadcast only the ones who express fear or compassion, ignore any facts that contradict the central theme, emphasize that new cases – not deaths, not sick – are skyrocketing.

Some of the “journalists” had said that there would be over two million dead by now. Another one claimed that eleven million were going to die. Another stated that more deaths would occur from the virus than the deaths of all the wars combined. Other panic mongers predicted that it was the equivalent of the Black Death. I remember when AIDS was also touted as another Black Death; that was when the media deliberately created a panic over that STD. Essentially, then and now, we were told in no uncertain terms that there would be carts going down the streets full of bodies and we would hear the cries of “Bring out your dead.”

So… how many people do you personally know that have died from the virus?

            The CDC recently revealed that the number of persons dying exclusively from Covid was 9,777. Do the science. Do the match. At this moment, there are officially 9,011,600 “cases” (actually positive tests), 231,772 deaths related to Covid (this includes the deaths falsely attributed to the virus). The survival rate is, therefore, .025 but if one uses the deaths exclusively from the virus, the survival rate becomes even better: .00108.

Simultaneously, the “journalists,” with their carefully worded questions and comments, add to the hostility against the nonconformists anytime that they mention people having a good time, enjoying their lives rather than cowering behind locked doors, or who refuse to submit, to obey, to conform, and to wear face masks.

            At the same time, the “journalists” always become comatose when certain inconvenient facts crop up. Democratic Governor Cuomo had the insane idea of taking people who were infected with the coronavirus and sticking them inside nursing homes full of, up to that point, healthy residents. This resulted in thousands of old people dying. He killed thousands of the elderly. And what does he do? He blames “conservative media” for bringing attention to this mass murder. And the same thing happened in Pennsylvania thanks to Democrat Governor Tom Wolf, Governor Gavin Newsom in California, Governor Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan, Governor Phil Murphy in New Jersey.

And none of the main stream journalists hold their feet to the fire over this? They don’t even mention it when they interview Cuomo or cover his self-promoting news conference? Helloooooo?

            Just like they have also not mentioned the desecration and toppling of statues of Thomas Jefferson, Raoul Wallenberg, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Julius Caesar, Earl Grey, Robert the Bruce, Caesar Rodney, Sir Charles Napier, George Washington, General Kosciuszko, Abigail Adams, Calvin Griffith, Indro Montanelli, Winston Churchill, Jesus, Napoleon, Ulysses Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, St. Junípero Serra, Andrew Jackson, Hans Christian Heg, Robert Peel, Charles Dickens, Captain Cook, Francis Drake, Edward Colston, Francis Galton, Miguel de Cervantes (author of Don Quixote), William Gladstone, the Ten Commandments statue, Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln (Earl Grey, Ulysses Grant, Sir Charles Napier, and Abraham Lincoln, if you did not know, abolished slavery while Abigail Adams and Hans Heg were abolitionists). In Boston, the Red Guards also vandalized the Glory monument of the Civil War’s African-American 54th Regiment, along with the Holocaust Memorial, Thompson Elk Fountain, the “Little Mermaid” statue in Denmark and the UK’s Penny Lane (famed by the Beatles).

Where are the “journalists” from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN with all of their righteous indignation during these acts of barbarism?

            And where were the “journalists” when the Crypt Keeper lookalike mayor of Chicago threatened to arrest people who defy lockdown while she ignores the lockdown for her own personal convenience?

            But, wait, it gets better! Yes! You see, when President Trump stated the obvious, namely that the virus came from Wuhan, China, the “journalists” immediately proclaimed that to be racist even though they themselves had said the very same thing. So Democrat Mayor Cuomo declared that the virus really came from Europe.

            In a poll regarding how much people trust the CDC, the media, the governor and the president for information on the virus, the media was the least trusted.


            Ninth, something just doesn’t add up. This was evident as far back as March. Take the example of the cruise ships back in early March. In one cruise ship, the Diamond Princess, several passengers and crew were infected with the virus. The passengers (2/3 of whom were old – very important) were restricted from disembarking for weeks, one of the passengers describing his ship as a petri dish for the virus. Air was circulated within the ship, and food was prepared and handled by crew members, and it was eaten in dining rooms. Logically, the cruise ship should have become a floating coffin, but out of 3,711 passengers, only 7 died (301 infected had symptoms, 318 had no symptoms).

            Then, we had New York City, with a huge spike in cases, but not seen elsewhere in the country. And, on Trump’s orders, we also had field hospitals set up in NYC’s Central Park and in Chicago in preparation for the excess cases of the virus, plus, the gargantuan floating medical ships Comfort and Hope. And they are all empty.

            Tenth. Lastly, and this has been hinted above, is the bizarre fact that the virus has been politicized. By the left. For example, when President Trump casually mentioned that the drug hydroxychloroquine might be good in treating patients, the journalists tripped over themselves in a rush to find somebody – anybody! – that would say that the drug was worthless. It seems that no matter what he says – anything he says – the journalists immediately seek out something, someone, to discredit whatever it is that he is saying – if they don’t do it themselves. The “journalists” themselves admit it. At any rate, since that moment, there were a number of obviously politicized comments and studies that showed that that medication was not applicable towards the virus, and others that were beneficial. This went hand in hand with Democrat governors banning the use of the drug – simply become Trump mentioned it favorably! This politization, this Trump hatred, has become so bizarre that Twitter temporarily suspended Trump Jr. simply for touting the medication! If neither of the Trumps had mentioned the name of the medication and someone suggested it for treatment, no one inside the media hivemind would overreact. A detailed history of the use/misuse of hydroxychloroquine in fighting the virus can be found here.

            And when Trump canceled funds for the World Health Organization, because of its blatant corruption and unreliability, Trump haters instantly sent donations to the WHO, without even checking out its history of corruption. Trump was against the WHO, so the WHO must be good, noble, reliable, scientific.

            But mentioning Trump automatically elicits a Pavlovian response of snarling with some people, so let’s leave him aside and go to physicians who have expressed doubts about some of the measures taken to combat this disease. One can view them here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, but what is important is that although their medical, professional, nonpartisan, remarks and data were offered for general consideration in dealing with the coronavirus, they were met with vicious, personal insults, hatred, and attacks, the kind that the hivemind reserves for people who are Republicans, or contradict Political Correct dogma, or don’t use the latest Newspeak edicts, or are generally called “racists” and “white supremacists” and what have you. In the case of Drs. Erickson and Massihi, their presentation was put on YouTube. YouTube immediately began to frantically censor the video, only to see it crop up again and again. Regardless of how many times the YouTube overlords tried to censor the video, in the manner of WackAMole, users kept uploading it. Which was really bizarre if one considers the fact that the doctors were simply talking about a medical issue and presenting their facts. Anyway, it cannot be found now in YouTube, but one can see the “dangerous” video here. The question is not really whether their data was right or wrong (and remember, it is perfectly fine for physicians and scientists to have disagreements), but on the virulent reaction, the hate, the censorship. And the censorship extends into Amazon, which killed a book questioning the official dogma on the virus.

More than 13,000 infectious disease epidemiologists, public health scientists, medical practitioners, and more than 180,000 of the public have signed the petition the Great Barrington Declaration but its recommendations have been ignored. Remember that the next time someone complains that nonconformists are being anti-science.

            A group of doctors held a White Coat Summit to dispel some of the misinformation about the pandemic and the accompanying hysteria. They were immediately attacked by leftists. One of the participants, Dr. Simone Gold, was fired from her job, which she had held for 20 years simply for participating in this public discussion of a medical topic. The video of the conference was suppressed, i.e., censored, by Facebook and YouTube. This is what happens when one contradicts the hivemind.

To conclude: taken together, one can now understand why people who are out and about, working and enjoying spring and summer; they realize all of the above. That is why they ignore the demands that they panic and sequester themselves and wear masks and keep washing their hands like a racoon with OCD. Not because they are anti-science, or are racists, or are white supremacists, or are irresponsible.

            And if I kick the bucket… well, that’s no reason to destroy civilization. Or ignore a little thing like the Bill of Rights. vorrebbe inviarti notifiche push per tenerti aggiornato sugli ultimi articoli