Il prepotente ritorno delle teorie marxiste nelle università

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Un tempo ritenuto morto e sepolto, insieme all’Inquisizione, ai nazisti e alle guerre di conquista, il comunismo è prepotentemente tornato nelle nostre università. Il gruppo terroristico Antifa è apertamente comunista, come lo era l’SDS negli anni ’70. Il marxismo, più che una religione, è una pseudoscienza: su 28 Paesi che lo hanno sperimento, 28 fallimenti. Milioni di vittime, miseria, oppressione. Come pseudoscienza oggi non dovrebbe trovare spazio nelle università occidentali.

Once thought to be dead and buried, along with the Inquisition, the Nazis, and wars of conquest, Communism has made a strong comeback in universities. The terrorist group Antifa is openly Communist, as was the SDS during the 1970s.

How, then, can we root them out? If our legislatures target them, they will cry out for freedom of speech, the same freedom that they so systematically deny others in the universities. Quite a dilemma.

Something that most people are unaware of in regards to Communism is that Marxism has been considered by Marxists to be scientific and not just a political doctrine for well over a century. It was certainly taught as such in the Soviet Bloc.

Una religione

However, others such as Arthur Koestler and Conrad Zirkle pointed out that Marxism is actually more of a religion than anything else, a secular religion to be sure, but it definitely has all the characteristics of a religion (dogma, an inquisition, persecution of heretics, authoritarianism, and belief in a powerful, judging, entity – History). Raymond Aron wittily called Marxism “the opium of the intellectual.”

In reality, Marxism is a pseudoscience, on a par with phrenology, mesmerism, parapsychology, Creationism and Freudian psychoanalysis.

All reputable theories, in order not to be discarded, cannot be disproven. That is a truism of all scientific theories. It must be put to the test and if even one fact, one experiment, goes against the theory, that theory must, perforce, be discarded. This is axiomatic in science.

28 esperimenti, 28 fallimenti

The core proposition of Marxism is that the imposition of Marxism improves the lives of human beings. Now, let us look at the record.

Communist dominion was established in Russia, China, Mongolia, North Korea, Vietnam, Hungary, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Albania, Germany, Lithuania, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Latvia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Tibet, Kazakhstan, Grenada, Turkmenistan, Ethiopia and Kyrgyzstan. 28 countries. 28 case studies. 28 experiments. Each with its own customs, history, languages, geography – none of which are supposed to matter, anyway, according to the doctrine.

In every single instance – without a single exception – Marxism has resulted in millions dead, dictatorship and sadistic oppression, militarism, censorship, starvation, a mutilation of science, art and literature.

In every single instance, the standard of living – in every level of society – plummeted. It did not improve the lives of the people. Marxists wrecked the economy, and the production of consumer goods plummeted in both quantity and quality.

Long lines of people, stretching for several street blocks, waited for their turn to purchase a shirt, or a pair of shoes, or rolls of toilet paper, or a can of powder milk. This was a common, daily, occurrence. The Communist aristocracy, mind you, never waited on lines, but obtained as many items as they wanted from stores that catered exclusively to the aristocracy.

Il caso Cuba

In the particular case of Cuba, the scarcity of consumer goods has always been blamed on the American embargo, but this was simply an excuse given by the regime and its foreign sycophants; the Communists were directly responsible – as they were directly responsible in every single instance.

It is conveniently forgotten by their apologists that although one country had an embargo with Cuba, every other country in the world did not. Besides, when Obama offered to lift the embargo, the Cuban government refused; it needs that excuse.

La Nomenklatura

In every single instance, the Communists wrecked agriculture to the point that a rationing system had to be introduced (again, for the people, not for the Communist aristocracy). In Russia, China, North Korea and Cambodia, the famines became so intense that some of the people resorted to cannibalism. Neither the cannibals nor their food thought that Communism had improved their lives.

In every single instance, while proclaiming itself to be truly egalitarian, having done with class distinctions, a privileged aristocracy – what in Yugoslavia Djilas called The New Class and in Russia was called the Nomenklatura – came into being, composed entirely of members of the Communist Party.

While many Ukrainians and Chinese and Cambodians and Ethiopians starved to death with their skin barely covering their skeletons, the new class feasted on fish, fruit, meats and all sorts of imported delicacies.

In every single instance, the rule of law vanished as the Party members murdered thousands, and tens of thousands, sometimes simply on a rumor. As Che Guevara stated, “To kill a man we don’t need proof of his guilt.” Property was either stolen, or destroyed.

In every single instance, with the exception of Yugoslavia, citizens were forbidden to travel, not only outside the country, but inside the country as well. Previously, and significantly, only serfs had had this restriction.


In every single instance, an all-pervasive militarism became the order of the day, so that even children were prepared to be thrown into battle as cannon fodder in order to protect the Communist regime.

Slavenka Drakulić pointed out that women in Communist countries were in a humiliating situation because the government demanded the production of more and more tanks, but never even gave a thought to even sanitary napkins for women.

Una pseudoscienza

In short, Marxism has proven itself to be a pseudoscience, on a par with phrenology, mesmerism, parapsychology, Creationism and Freudian psychoanalysis. These pseudosciences are not taught in universities because they clash with reality.

Therefore, neither should Marxism, nor subject matter (e.g., history, sociology, philosophy) taught from a Marxist perspective, be taught in a institution of higher learning. Likewise, pseudoscientific persons who are Marxists should not be allowed to teach in universities, just like we don’t allow Flat Earthers to teach in colleges.

If the politicians in America, Britain, Holland, Italy, Spain, and Germany were truly intelligent instead of being stupid and corrupt, they would pass the necessary laws to finally leave Marxism behind us once and for all. Unfortunately, this is just wishful thinking.