How leftist totalitarianism is very close to prevailing in America

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If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.
Thomas Sowell

A large, beautiful, home can suddenly collapse in a heap of rubble, surprising its owners and neighbors, and the reason for this is that for years invisible termites ate away at crucial supports of the house, without anyone being aware of the destruction that the vermin were doing.

It is a bizarre fact that the freest country in the world, and one of the most powerful, will succumb to leftist totalitarianism without firing a single shot, due to its citizens being brainwashed through the media and schools, by being intimidated by their enemies’ temper tantrums, and for the opponents of totalitarianism waiting endlessly for someone to lead them against those who want to kill them and destroy their country and its sacred principles of freedom. For years, the leftists used American freedoms in order to, in the end, destroy those very freedoms. Theodore Dalrymple put it succinctly: “This raises the question of how far we tolerate the intolerant, that is to say those whose desire, sometimes elevated into a goal, is to destroy the very tolerance that they enjoy, and who would use their freedom to destroy our freedom.” (obviously, this also applies to the jihadists inside Europe).

Europeans may not be aware that America is in the throes of totalitarians attempting to control the entire country with the aim of imposing Racial Marxism through the Democratic Party. It is very close to succeeding – due to a large part to the eternal stupidity of conservatives.

The facts are as follows. The 2016 election of Donald Trump to the presidency galvanized the Communists to a white hot fury. Almost all of the newspapers, magazines, and television media outlets (ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC) are populated by leftist fanatics who think alike, talk alike, act alike, have no individuality of thought to the point that collectively they can be referred to as “the media hivemind.” They are like NPCs. Their aim in these areas is to promote their ideology, falsify news, and suppress any news that jars their ideology. Unfortunately, a huge proportion of the population gets its information through these propaganda outlets – and some journalists openly admit to being propagandists. The same applies to the internet’s major social media sites (Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and Facebook).All of them impose censorship. These fanatics are so arrogant that they unapologetically censored a president of the United States (needless to say that Trump’s many accomplishments while in office were kept away from the public eye, or were distorted beyond recognition when presented to the public).

The shadow Marxists came to power in 2020 through a well-orchestrated, blatantly fraudulent elections (the Democrats have engaged in voter fraud for decades and it speaks volumes that the imbeciles and eunuchs within the Republican Party never took steps to correct this scandal); the American media is constantly, constantly, telling people that there was no fraud and not to look at the evidence. The implemented plan called for a senile Biden as an empty cardboard figure to be President, a front, while a secret Soviet implemented their policies: promote racial hatred, promote their ideology of Racial Marxism at every level of society, wreck the American economy to parallel that of Greece’s, eliminate all opponents, destroy America, politicize the military and the police, and import as many “People of Color” as possible for the future race war that they envision, indeed there is a flood of illegal aliens in the south (the words “illegal alien” are now verboten). Recently, they even tried to pass a law to legalize future voter fraud by Democrats, thereby rendering the country a one-party rule. They actually had the nerve to call the bill For the People, thereby demonstrating the sanitizing of evil actions that is so typical of leftists (remember how East Germany was officially the German… Democratic… Republic?).

To this end, Pseudo-President Biden, or rather the cabal, immediately sent America’s enemy, Iran, $6-$150 billion (the exact number is unclear); Iran quickly turned around to use the money to rain missiles to Israel. The cabal then appointed Lloyd Austin, an Idi Amin lookalike, reeking hatred, to head the military and his topmost priority has been to impose indoctrination in the military and purge patriotic officers. All of Pseudo-President Biden’s appointees to important positions have previously expressed their hatred for their country.

Democrats have also called for the elimination of the Republican Party, the establishment of concentration camps, the scrapping of the Constitution (particularly the First amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech and press)and impose indoctrination throughout the country’s schools in Marxism, sexual perversions, and anti-white racism. They are also being taught a mutilated, Marxist based history of the country. They also want to pack the Supreme Court with Communist judges who will agree to all dictatorial laws. Some Communists are already planning to establish gulags for their political opponents.

And what, you may ask, have Republicans and independents done to counter this headrush towards totalitarianism? Well, pretty much nothing. The Republican politicians have proven themselves to be either imbeciles, or eunuchs, or both. Whereas the Democrats go into overdrive with their mouths, proclaiming their ideology and eulogizing criminals who have been killed by police, the Republicans lower their heads so low that their noses scrape the pavement. The Republican Party is so saturated with these eunuchs and imbeciles, so much so that Republican voters have been steadily expressing their scathing contempt for their unresponsive representatives.

So, the rank-and-file Republicans: What about them? What do they do? Well, again, pretty much nothing except whine and scratch their rear ends. They have adopted the European mentality of hoping someone will come along and save them (hoping either that the Republican politicians will grow a pair, or better yet, they look forward to the return of their savior, Donald Trump, in four years) rather than themselves getting organized and fight back now, with full force, while they still can.

Meanwhile, American citizens who were born and raised in Communist countries – Russians, Ukrainians, Czechoslovakians, Romanians, Cubans, Vietnamese, North Koreans, Poles, Chinese – keep sounding the alarm that the barbarians are not just at the gates but, rather, they’re inside the gates, but our voices are unheard since the leftists control almost all of the media.

Only those of us who have lived in Communist countries can clearly see what is going on. And the end result.

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