The World Upside-Down/2: From Gender Ideology to Transhumanism

From an Orwellian control of language to the indoctrination of children, up to the “expensive” transition. A techno-religious cult where economic interests converge

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In the previous article, we examined the consequences of the rise of gender ideology, and the systematic attempt to indoctrinate children from early childhood with purpose-made content.

After its American debut, the phenomenon is now finding fertile ground in Italy. In the city of Ravenna they have found nothing better to do than organizing anti-discrimination courses to protect LGBTQ people. [27]

Not to mention the defunct Zan bill which, in article 7, envisaged the establishment of a day against transphobia, with initiatives to be held in schools, almost as if there was some sort of transphobia emergency in Italy. [28]

Many adults at this point will even struggle to remember trans classmates, non-binary neighbors, transgender colleagues, etc., since the phenomenon was almost unheard of until 10-15 years ago.

The spread among young people

There are conflicting opinions on what is happening. For example, researcher Lisa Littman notes that “gender surgery” in the United States quadrupled between 2016 and 2017, while diagnoses of gender dysphoria in the United Kingdom increased by 4,400 per cent, suggesting there may be a real social contagion among teenagers, fueled by discussion groups and online forums. [29]

While others have discredited this data, it is undeniable that the phenomenon is far more popular among young people, as opposed to adults. Teenagers make up 7.6 per cent of the American population but represent as much as 18 per cent of transgenders. Young people between the ages of 18 and 24 make up 11 per cent of the American population and 24 per cent of the total transgender population. [30]

The exponential increase of girls who perceive themselves as trans is noteworthy, and is something that cannot be explained by the simple social acceptance of a phenomenon that in the past, was not only very marginal, but mainly concerned males. [31]

The pronouns war

Whether they are young or adult, many trans people appear to be obsessed with the correct use of pronouns. They consider an intolerable affront to be addressed with a feminine pronoun, based on their physical appearance, if they somehow perceive themselves as male or something not better specified.

Grammar in this case serves a real identity purpose, and it is imposed on others to reinforce what someone thinks (rightly or wrongly) of themselves. It is not just a matter of whims, as some might think; on the contrary, it is a fundamental point for gender supporters, so as to take possession of the language at a political level.

Using wrong pronouns, calling she a he or vice versa, is already prohibited in California [32] and in the city of New York. [33]

YouTuber Misha Petrov has identified a narcissistic component in the behavior of those who insist on the use of the personal pronouns of their choice, as they end up talking incessantly about themselves. [34] It is probably a valid observation, but there are deeper implications that in my opinion are essential to uncover.

The destruction of reality

Let’s start by saying that the very term non-binary, used for those who feel neither male nor female (without clarifying what they exactly are), is groundless from both a logical and biological point of view.

Dividing people into binary and non-binary is in fact self-contradictory, since it ends up again creating a binary division: some on one side, the rest on the other. What about the middle ground that some like so much?

Unfortunately for the woke, neither logic nor nature work as they would like. Human sexuality is in fact binary, like it or not, likewise with most vertebrates, unless you want to believe there are transgender ostriches, gender-fluid alligators, male cats that go into heat and female deer that butt their heads to win a male.

Those who refuse to submit to the linguistic baton of politically correct language police often appeal to the basic right to freedom of expression. Referring to Mr. Guy as a he, even though he loves dressing up as a woman and wearing make-up, in short would be my right.

However, it is wrong to reduce criticism of trans newspeak to freedom of speech alone. Those who do so express a valid point, but fail to get to the heart of the matter: it is not only my right to say that a man who believes himself to be a woman is still a man; it is above all my duty.

For those who have not fully understood yet, we are not facing simply the repression of dissent, with opponents to be silenced, but the destruction of reality, to be shaped and rebuilt from scratch, excluding any objective or scientific evidence contrasting with the official narrative.

An Orwellian project

In this way it becomes impossible to prove or disprove any assertion, and even the biological basis of life can be denied. Just think about it: if it is impossible to prove a statement to be false by bringing evidence to support what is said, then lunacy and lie can be enforced by law.

It is the total control over the individual taken to the extreme, a prison for the mind impossible to escape. In a world shaped by the new thought engineering, everything becomes falsifiable and nothing can be subjected to criticism.

We have gone beyond gagging an opponent’s mouth; we are in a collective hypnosis toconvince the dissident to be a morally bad person who is on the wrong side.

It is for all intents and purposes a totalitarian project of language control. As George Orwell wrote, if you control language, you control thought. Logic is bent to the interests of ideology, and a thing can be true and false at the same time. Gaslighting is elevated to perfection.

Anyone who has read “1984“, the English novelist’s masterpiece, could at this point think of the lucid and cold craziness of the wicked O’Brien, who claimed with total faith and conviction he could get off the ground and fly, had the party ordered him to do so. An ideology capable of bending even the force of gravity to its will.

The writer, on the other hand, keeps his feet firmly planted on the ground, aware that he will not be able to become a bird by just firmly believing it, and that the force of gravity would not be very inclusive if he jumped out of a window, making him crash to the ground regardless of the accusations of somethingphobia.

The method of transgenderism

It should come as no surprise that two women have tried to find a method in this collective madness: those who believe in the uniqueness of the single individual, of which sex is a fundamental component, can only see as a threat the attempts of some males to pass themselves off as females.

Michelle Cretella, president of the American College of Pediatricians, has denounced what she describes as a real ideological program during an interview. [35] It begins by reading gender stories to kids and making them attend drag-queen shows organized especially for them, making them believe there are people with the wrong gender.

Then they move on to puberty blockers, that is to say chemical castration and hormone injections (which will lead to sterility and increase the risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease), and finally to surgery in what she defines as “child abuse.

To silence any form of dissent, they use the expression “hate crime“: she claims that even teaching middle school children that girls have ovaries and boys have testicles is now considered transphobic.

Binary reality

Cretella explains transgenderism with events that take place after the birth of the individual: in the case of monozygotic twins (identical twins with the same DNA), if one of the twins suffers from gender dysphoria, in most cases the other is not affected; this means there is a behavioral error, a false self-perception fueled by erroneous ideas.

The pediatrician states that the true social construct is transgenderism, and not biology. To argue that men and women are physiologically different is neither patriarchy nor transphobia, but the simple reality determined by evolution, different bodies, and different behavior.

Additionally, there are as many as 6,500 genetic differences between men and women. No surgery can ever erase the fact that women have many more receptors for oxytocin, the hormone linked to parental care, which plays an important role in the formation of the mother-child bond.

Michelle Cretella concludes by mocking the claims of those who deny the fundamental binary reality of human sexuality, with a statement which, while provocative, is certainly effective: “There is no right to mental illness.” ARRIVATO QUI.

Towards transhumanism

At this point it is more than legitimate to want to dig deep in search of answers to fundamental questions: who and why? Jennifer Bilek, a feminist investigative journalist, addresses it, illustrating her theses in a video interview that gets to the roots of the evil that has infected Western societies. [36]

According to Bilek, it all started in the United States with the alliance between nascent LGB organizations (no T yet) and the pharmaceutical industries during the AIDS emergency in the 1980s.

Then they moved on to a bigger and more substantial fish, transgenderism (a topic previously unknown to the general public) as an intermediate step towards the ultimate and definitive goal: transhumanism.

The strings of the project are pulled by a large alliance between the Big Tech companies of Silicon Valley (Facebook even tells you that questioning gender identity is classified as hate [37]), Big Pharma and Big Finance (Bilek mentions the names BlackRock and Vanguard, two of the world’s leading investment funds). This is the who.

Now for the why. The ultimate goal of this conglomerate of interests is the realization of a transhuman agenda. In essence, the differences between men and women would be eliminated, making cyberspace reality, merging humans and machines into a new hybrid, with genetic engineering in the mix. Reproduction will become the business of the biotech companies.

Once the differences between men and women have been erased, everything becomes morally licit even if not yet possible; manipulating our DNA, for example. In her opinion, so-called trans rights are a trojan horse for inevitable human enhancement. [38]

Conspiracy theories?

Bilek’s thesis is strong and at least colorful, and could at first be dismissed as a conspiracy theory combined with a few too many science fiction movies. But she does what an investigative journalist is supposed to do: she investigates.

Follow the money”, and you will find out who and why.

What Bilek has discovered by following the money is a series of links between the financial sector and the LGBT rights movement. Forget about brave activists like Harvey Milk. No, at the top are those who know how to make and manage money, that is to say, representatives of big finance.

According to the journalist, the founder of Outright Leadership has ties to the banking sector, as does John Stryker, head of the Arcus Foundation. The latter is the most important LGBT organization in the US, and funds American schools, universities, doctors and hospitals with millions of dollars to push the trans agenda.

It is therefore not a matter of helping those who feel trapped in the “wrong” body, but rather of legitimizing and normalizing the fetishism of males who want to take possession of the female body, complicit with the media, using the magic word always in the mouths of left-wing militants: rights (even better if combined with the adjective human).

A step-by-step process

What Bilek describes, to use her words, is a real techno-religious cult, which proceeds in stages. The first step? It is obvious: the children, who by definition are weaker and more manipulable.

They start by incorporating the trans agenda in schools, pushing the narrative of children born in the wrong body needing to express themselves.

This is what the Obama administration has done, camouflaging trans issues in anti-bullying initiatives, with the support of the wealthy Pritzker family. [39] Power of coincidences, the governor of Illinois (the state of Barak Obama), Jay Robert Pritzker, has signed a law to introduce gender into sex education in schools, framing it within general health education. [40]

The hammering at children’s minds continues with dedicated drag-queen shows, stories of non-binary people, and so on. Organizations such as GLSEN [41, 42] are actively involved in spreading gender ideology in schools, i.e. indoctrinating children to make them adhere to the new techno-religion, using as cover the defense of minorities’ rights.

The floor is then given to another speaker, GLAD, an organization working closely with the aforementioned Arcus Foundation in dealing with communication, i.e. the use of personal pronouns to avoid offending trans people with language. [43]

Exceptional poster person

Thus, they work with the mass media to shape society and make it ready to accept the new techno-religion, punishing those who do not respect the new creed (think of the examples mentioned in the first part [LINK]). As in any successful marketing campaign, an exceptional testimonial advertising is required.

Who could be more suitable than Rachel Leland Levine? Formerly a member of the Arcus Foundation, continues Bilek, he holds the position of assistant secretary for health in the Biden administration, and is a navy admiral. Levine, who is nothing more than a man who is convinced he is a woman, was also named USA Today ‘s Woman of the Year in 2022. [45]

You are laughing, aren’t you? There’s nothing funny about it, because now we are ready for the next stage, and it will not make you laugh at all.

The transition path

Everything is ready for the logical conclusion: the start of a “transitional” path in children. That is to say physical castration for boys, removal of breasts for girls, along with the shackles of regular hormone injections for life, since there is no way for the female body to produce testosterone in quantity.

All these things come with a heavy psychological and financial cost for those who change their sex, but are a gold mine for those who sell pills, puberty blockers, hormones, surgical operations and the related equipment to perform them, antibiotics, and anti-rejection drugs.

We are talking about an out-and-out industry with many related activities (make-up for gender-fluid people, specialized photography agencies for transgender people), that makes big money by putting manipulated kids’ skin at stake in the name of the defense of manufactured rights.

These children, condemned to a life of sterility as adults, if in the future would like to procreate, will have to shell out more money for artificial inseminations, surrogacies, and so on.

The peak of women’s body commodification is finally reached, as pointed out by feminist Jennifer Bilek, when femininity is taken away from women and fed to anyone who feels like a woman, after a reasonable payment of course.

Bilek identifies the lawyer Martine Rothblatt [46] among the protagonists of the trans agenda, allegedly well-connected with the World Economic Forum of Klaus Schwab.

The American journalist may well be a conspiracy theorist, but there is something that leaves one perplexed: Rothblatt, has even founded a company-religion (all-in-one) which, messing with nanotechnologies and biotechnologies, aims to abolish death, making it a mere possibility instead of the inevitable fate for all of us. [47, 48, 49]

We leave it to the reader to decide whether it is Bilek or Rothblatt who is in need of psychiatric treatment. However, we agree with Bilek when she claims there is only one way to define a man who talks about his sex change surgery on TV, and then throws a penis goodbye party complete with a penis-shaped cake: possessed by madness.

A madness to which we are all called on to oppose, remaining faithful to what we live every day: reality.

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