Dimenticate le fake news, i blackout informativi sono ancor più pericolosi

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Molto è stato scritto e detto sulle “fake news”, notizie deliberatamente distorte o vere e proprie bugie al servizio di una particolare ideologia. Ma quasi nulla è stato detto o scritto sul “blackout di notizie”, ovvero lo sforzo coordinato e deliberato per escludere dalle notizie determinati eventi e opinioni che contraddicono l’ideologia dominante. Le bugie sono lì, visibili, il blackout informativo è molto peggio, è censura ovviamente, o meglio autocensura. Se si verifica un evento importante ma il giornalista collettivo decide di non coprirlo, allora è come se non si fosse verificato. L’evento è relegato nell’oblio. Gli esempi sono molteplici, su tutti il caso del laptop di Hunter Biden

“Truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it. Ignorance may deride it. Malice may distort it. But there it is.”
Winston Churchill

Much has been written and said by some writers, politicians and journalists about “fake news” that is, news which have been deliberately distorted or are outright lies done for the sake of a particular ideology.

Il blackout informativo

Ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy, I have collected hundreds and hundreds of instances of fake news in print, television, and the internet. But almost nothing has been said or written about “news blackout” that is, the deliberate coordinated effort to exclude certain news events, or opinions, which contradicts the journalists’ hivemind’s ideology.

Though specific instances have been occasionally pointed out, news blackout as a general principle, as a pattern of behavior, has not been alluded to.

As has happened from time to time, several conservative news/opinion websites have pointed out that the media has ignored important news events or details.

Front Page News (FPM) has repeatedly noted the silence regarding massacres of Christians by Muslim savages in various countries. Newsbusters has often pointed out the news blackout of various issues, from Hunter Biden’s laptop to the Russian collusion hoax. Breitbart, Gateway Pundit and Daily Caller have likewise presented instances of news blackouts of events and details that the media hivemind find intolerable, as has One America News.

In fact, the legacy media at times stated that they had willfully ignored because it had been first documented in “the right wing media”. And needless to say that the media has ignored the criticisms.

Peggio delle fake news

Fake news is prima facie evidence of media mendacity. The lies are there, visible, and though maddening to the public they occasionally result in embarrassment to the media hivemind when the lies are revealed and well advertised.

News blackouts is much worse because it is insidious. News blackout is, of course, censorship, or rather self-censorship. If an important event takes place but the media hivemind decides not to cover it, then it is as if it had not taken place. The event has been relegated to oblivion.

It is akin to writing a great piece of literature which is not allowed to be published or a great stage play which no theater will produce. This is identical to one of the many word games that philosophers love to play, which is if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one to hear the crash, has it made a sound?

Esempi di storie ignorate dai media

I will now present a long (actually, short) list of topics and news events that were subjected to news blackouts. Note that they all contradict the media hivemind’s totalitarian worldview, that is, they were not ignored because they were insignificant, but because they were anathema.

Many of these stories may be familiar to patrons of conservative and libertarian outlets, but to others they are news. And besides, if the media hivemind wants these facts suppressed, I wish to spread knowledge of them for that very reason.

(1) When Trump first announced his candidacy with his goal of deporting the illegal immigrants, the tolerant and broadminded liberals went berserk. One of their acts of vandalism was breaking Trump’s Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. A homeless black woman with a few of her precious belongings tried to shield it from the liberals, whereupon they set upon her, beating her and ripping away her few belongings. Days later, when Trump heard of this valorous act, he set her up in a place to live. Of all the events cited here, this is the closest one to oblivion, as not even libertarian or conservative outlets have preserved the facts.

(2) During the Covid fiasco, the people of Australia, Britain, Holland, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and even boring Switzerland, repeatedly protested and even rioted against the diktat of “green passports” and lockdowns, as well as diktats that everyone be vaccinated with vaccines of dubious effectiveness and documented serious side effects, and also wearing useless face masks, but one would not know it from viewing the American media outlets. News of the governments’ authoritarian actions were likewise suppressed.

(3) When the Clinton family left the White House, they stole nearly $200,000 worth of furniture and valuables. They were caught and forced to return the items.

(4) The liberals are always screaming about the nonexistent “systemic racism” in America and have tied the vicious physical attacks on Asian-Americans (usually women and helpless old people) on whites, even though the truth of the matter is that almost 100 per cent of the attacks on Asian-Americans have been carried out by their precious blacks, something that is often buried in a story. In fact, numerous attacks have also been carried out on white persons by blacks.

(5) There has been an enormous amount of evidence that has been slowly collected that proves that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent, the biggest, most ambition instance of electoral fraud carried out by Democrats. The media has all along said, “Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.”

(6) The numerous drag shows in schools have gone unnoticed by the media hivemind, even when a government official declared that regular drag shows belonged in schools. The emphasis has been on encouraging homosexuality and at least one has enlightened little children on the joys of masturbation.

(7) And speaking of the Covid fiasco, in the first year, it was generally recognized that it was important to especially protect the most vulnerable, namely, the elderly. Yet, Governor Cuomo of New York, Governor Whitmer in Michigan, Governor Murphy in New Jersey, Governor Newsom in California, Governor Walz in Minnesota, and Governor Wolf in Pennsylvania (all of them Democrats) crammed Covid patients in nursing homes and these needless death rate surged into the thousands. The states’ Democrat attorney general have refused to file charges. The media’s coverage? As much as when another prominent Democrat killed a woman in Chappaquidick.

(8) The media hivemind also ignored all the warnings from doctors and nurses, as well as ignoring cheaper, alternative cures to Covid without the need of defective vaccines.

(9) The countless times that VP Kamala Harris has uttered inane statements.

(10) The countless times that Pseudo-president Joe Biden has demonstrated his dementia.

(11) Two rich perverts, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell received a lot of publicity because of their arrest and conviction but, curiously, the media has shown no interest, no demands for investigation in Epstein’s “suicide”, nor in the prominent US citizens that may have participated in the pedophile orgies in their island, of which Bill Clinton and Bill Gates are prime candidates. As one commentator wittily put it, “the media has done a tremendous job either not covering the story or covering up the story.”

(12) The Cuban Ladies in White is a group of mothers, sisters, and wives of political prisoners of the Communist regime who periodically march silently with portraits of their jailed loved ones. Naturally, the regime has attacked them in a number of ways. And naturally, the American media, who for decades has adored the dictator, have not reported on it.

(13) If you depended on the American media hivemind, as most people do, you would be unaware that something like Antifa exists, in spite of their violence.

(14) The overrated Black Lives Matter (BLM) is headed by a group of self-admitted Communists. For the benefit of the black community, the members have bought multiple multimillion dollar homes… for themselves.

(15) The military at all levels is being subjected to racial Marxism indoctrination for the purpose of making it a subservient tool of the Democratic Party.

(16) The media hivemind would like everyone to believe that all the illegal immigrants that the left have encouraged to overwhelm the border are the most saintly individuals in the world. The numerous crimes that they have committed have gone unreported.

(17) There are some events wherein the details are suppressed. During the media hysteria over Donald Trump’s impeachment, in the manner of Edith Efron, who was successfully relegated to oblivion, I tabulated the average amount of time that the three major networks allocated during the impeachment hearings to the arguments of Democrats and Republicans, delivered either by a politician, or parroted by “journalists”.

The results showed were quantitative and, therefore, objective:

Il blackout su Hunter Biden

(18) But, really, the poster child for news blackout is Hunter Biden, another pervert. Except that it appears that the details are leaking out and the mainstream media may have to cover some of the details.

La censura perfetta

At any rate, fake news and news blackouts are regularly employed by authoritarian regimes, something that the Democrats are desperately and openly trying to impose on the United States. These tactics comprise what I have called before “the perfect censorship”.

But for oblivion of facts to be truly effective, it must be unanimous. Hence the constant attacks on Fox News and to a lesser extent One America News and the New York Post. Decades ago, this would have been no problem since the legacy media had a monopoly on the news, but with the existence of the internet and cable, it has become frustrating for them.

Mind you, it is still very effective, since most people do not realize just what an evil entity the media hivemind has become and keep relying on the networks for their information, so that what is commonly known among libertarians and conservatives is unknown to the rest of the population.

Regardless, the struggle between censorship and free ideas will continue for years to come since fanatics are relentless. I will finish with a quote from american journalist, Walter Lippmann: “The news and truth are not the same thing”. vorrebbe inviarti notifiche push per tenerti aggiornato sugli ultimi articoli